Tuesday, May 23, 2006

And the Crowd Goes Wild...

I sometimes wonder how much my kids understand about blogging and what Ima really does when she sits down at the computer.

I got a partial answer the other week.

As my readers know I have boys, and they are prone to leave things lying around. Some of these things are sports paraphanalia. In an unusually grumpy mood one day, I gave my son's ball a vicious kick to get it out of my way. He looked at me, put on his sports announcers voice, and said "And westbankmama kicks the ball, it's a goal, and the crowd goes wild!"

Well, as sometimes happens, I immediately lost my grumpiness and started to laugh. Imagining myself playing soccer with some of the professional players is comical in itself - me with my jean skirt and hand holding my beret on my head so that my hair will stay covered, while trying to keep up on the field...Well, you get the picture.

The other thing that made me laugh was his use of "westbankmama". Of course he couldn't use my first name (that is against the law of respecting your parents), but I was surprised that he didn't say "Ima". I guess he knows that I have another "identity", and that westbankmama is the codename.

I wonder what other blogger's kids think?


Blogger Rafi G. said...

my nine year old daughter notices my wife reading my blog and knows that i write stuff on LifeinIsrael. She asks me every now and then what I do on Life in Israel.. Recently she said to me after one of the kids did something cute that i should write about it on that lifeinisrael thing...

10:52 AM, May 23, 2006  
Blogger Soccer Dad said...

One day I got a link from LGF. So I got to point out to them how many hits were coming my way. The older one have occasionally read the blog.
And I have a sometimes feature of answering questions the children ask.
I once asked a shailah about using my father's name in the context of Sabba Sol as when talking to my children. My Rav looked it up and found a teshuvah that said that if the first name reference is a sign of respect (or something like that) it is permissible to use that reference.
Of course that's slightly off topic.

8:07 PM, May 23, 2006  
Blogger DS, London said...

I don't have kids (i'm 14!) but i wonder what would happen if sisters, parents or even friends uncovered my identity... not that i write anything too "interesting"...

10:41 PM, May 23, 2006  
Blogger bec said...

thank goodness my kids ages 4 and 18mos, are too young to really pass too much judgement regarding "lost in bec's world" although i'm sure they think i'm pretty weird. i guess that when they're old enough, they'll probably know that their suspicion of my nuttiness will be confirmed with one click on the blog.

10:45 PM, May 23, 2006  
Blogger Emah S said...

I'm with bec....as usual... :) ....with the young kids (5 and 2 1/2), they don't have a clue. They do see the blogs now and again that I read, and like the pictures on people's headings, but that's the extent of it. OH, and they sometimes have to pull me off the computer to get more juice or something. OOPS!

4:54 AM, May 24, 2006  
Blogger Emah S said...

OH, and ps. wbmama...........I've put up my ALIYAH POST!!! go see......... :)

4:54 AM, May 24, 2006  
Blogger bec said...

aliyah post up also!

6:16 AM, May 24, 2006  
Blogger westbankmama said...

rafi - yes, I have had my son also ask if I would write about him on my blog (and I guess I just did!)

soccerdad - I always like seeing the "other" side of the blogger - the parent side

ds, london - I'm glad you don't have kids yet! ;)

emah - enjoy your "freedom" (except from juice breaks, of course)

bec and emah - thanks for the posts, I'll be over soon to read...

7:34 AM, May 24, 2006  
Blogger aliyah06 said...

hmmmm...mine range from 15 to 33 and got ME started blogging because they have their own blogs.

No aliyah-now blog---I'm so old (54) and embarassed--feel like I really should have done this sooner....it's been a dream since 19, although I think my perspective of Israel is more realistic now that I'm taking my children there than when I was a single, idealistic 19 year old.

I do agree with Emma S that when the events of your life coalesce and come together, it's RIGHT--and I'm sure we've received a little 'push' from Above since this effort seems to be going so smoothly (except for the pet thing but even that worked out).

8:38 AM, May 24, 2006  
Blogger Jameel @ The Muqata said...

WBM: Another blogger who came to us for shabbat, Amshinover, called me up on the phone for the first time while we were driving with all the kids in the car.

Obviously, the phone was on "speakerphone" mode...since we were driving.

The phone rings, I answer,"Hello?"
And on the other end (on speaker for all the hear)..a voice says:


My kids all scream in chorus:

11:45 AM, May 25, 2006  
Blogger AbbaGav said...

My kids (4-9) are also aware that I am AbbaGav as well as Abba. The things that fascinate them about my blogging are: 1) looking at the graph of my statcounter and trying to figure out whether I'm doing well, and 2) wondering if I talked about them. After my post about taking my 9 year old on the free fall ride at the amusement park, she was very pleased that other kids in her school seemed to know about her exploits. My guess is they are going to want their own MySpace accounts as soon as they learn such a thing is possible.

12:20 PM, May 25, 2006  
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