Thursday, July 27, 2006

The War Goes On

5:15 pm Israel time:

Home Front: Rocket attacks in Rosh Pina, Carmiel, Nahariya and Kiryat Shmona. Eight wounded slightly.

3:15 pm Israel time:

Home Front: Three rockets land in Nahariya and Rosh HaNikra, no injuries.

Lebanon: IAF hits buildings known as Hizballah targets.

Southern Front: One Palestinian terrorist killed in Sajiya neighborhood in Gaza.

1:00 pm Israel time:

Southern Front: IDF continues fighting in Gaza, Palestinians report 15 hurt.

11:05 am Israel time:

Lebanon: IAF targets rocket launchers near Tyre. Fighting continues in Bent Jebail.

Home Front: Rockets land in Tzfat, Hatzor, Maalot, Carmiel and Rosh Pina, no injuries reported. Two more Kassams land near Sderot, no injuries reported.

Personal update: I am listening to IDF radio. Rozie Barkai opened the show mostly to parents to call in and discuss what they feel and think about the fighting. So far every parent has been overwhelmingly supportive of the war. A mother of 11, with five sons in the army - three in combat units - spoke very well. She said that when she finds it hard to fall asleep at night she opens her Tehillim* (book of Psalms) and she takes great comfort from the words of David HaMelech (King David, the writer of the Psalms). One father who admits that he is very worried about his son, said that those who speak about stopping the war only hurt our soldiers. The decision to wage the war or stop it will be taken by the government, and the media and the "pundits" should speak with more responsibility than they are doing.

*And speaking of Psalms, did you hear about the ancient book of Psalms found in Ireland two days ago open to Psalm 83, which speaks about the nations trying to destroy Israel? Go here to Atlasshrugs for more on this incredible story.

9:00 am Israel time:

Home Front: Katyusha rockets land in Maalot, Tzfat, and Shlomi - no injuries reported. Kassam rocket lands in western Negev, no injuries.

Southern Front: IDF hits three ammunition depots in northern Gaza.

Lebanon: IAF strikes hit 90 targets.

7:15 am Israel time: Summary of yesterday's events

Lebanon: Nine soldiers die, 27 wounded in yesterdays fighting in Bent Jebail.

Southern Front: IDF kills 23 Palestinians, including at least 11 confirmed terrorists from Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the Popular Front.

Home Front: Over 120 rockets land in the north of Israel yesterday wounding four, one seriously.

Judea and Samaria: IDF arrests one Palestinian suspected of terrorist activity.


Blogger jenifer said...

I read yesterday about the psalm book found in Ireland. The timing of it being opened to Psalm 83 is very interesting! I don't believe in chance. G-d will never forget His promises to Israel.

My prayers continue to be with you.

3:56 AM, July 28, 2006  
Blogger al said...

I watch what is going on and I see that your enemies are sure that they are winning .
The real questions are :
can you win ?
are you going to win?
How serious your desire to fight?

I would really appreciate you insight

7:10 AM, July 28, 2006  
Blogger westbankmama said...

Al - yes, we can win. Yes, we are serious about getting rid of Hizballah. The debate in Israel is how many Lebanese civilian death's we will allow ourselves in order to win. There are calls for more use of bombs from the air - come what may. The question is whether the government will approve it.

Even many on the far left of the Israeli political spectrum have expressed the minimum that has to be done in this war - namely, destroying at least 80% of their ammunition and pushing Hizballah back north of the Litani river. This will take a lot of time, though.

The Arabs are proud of the fact that it is taking time - they remember all too well the humiliation of the Six Day War. But this is a geurilla (spelling?) war, and by its very nature will not be won quickly. While most of us in Israel are hungry to see Nasrallah destroyed quickly, we are mature enough to be able to wait.

The Arabs make themselves feel better by launching Katyusha rockets at us - thinking that it will weaken our resolve. This only strengthens us. Despite over 1400 rockets we have sustained very few Israeli civilian deaths (bli ayin hara)- because we have good bomb shelters and a disciplined population. After the first time a rocket landed in Haifa killing eight, everyone takes the sirens seriously.

In short, don't get discouraged because it is taking time. It doesn't mean that we are losing.

8:14 AM, July 28, 2006  
Blogger al said...

Thank you for your answer.
You just confirmed me what I see and what I think. You have to win because it is not about only you anymore , it is about all those who supported you all this time taking risks which are unavoidable with support to Israel . Now it is a time to justify all these risks. If you will win those risks was justified. Loosing or rather not winning will bring down not only you but all your supporters .
What does mean not winning or loosing? It could be a military failure and could be unwillingness to fight to avoid casualties. I do not believe that military failure is an option, if army will be ordered to do what it has to do it will win, but it is a question of price and price will be high, obviously. Would you be willing to take military casualties as Americans do is not clear to me.
You can bomb inflicting collateral damage in order to achieve military victory on the ground but you cannot bomb inflicting collateral damage in hundreds and then curb military actions avoiding military casualties . As higher collateral damage as ,massive suppose to be military intrusion otherwise bombing of civilians is unjustified. And I suspect that Olmert is thinking not about winning but about avoiding casualties among solders. This is what bothers me. I think , if that is true, it is wrong morally and contraindicative strategically. You will have to fight them anyway, we both know that you cannot negotiate those people. Better do it now in Lebanon than tomorrow they will invade you in Israel. They will invade you if you will not stop tem now.
Another huge issue is a lost propaganda war , it think your government and as matter of fact your people could do more articulating your position explaining why you have to do what you have to do. Israeli blogs are dull (with exception of few including yours) and your government is sending very confusing signals. It is hard to see how opinion drifting toward HEZ .Even those who in the beginning was sympathetic to Israel now tending to go against you not because necessarily they against you just because they do not see where are you going . I agree that guerilla war take time , but it must be clear that you fighting guerilla war. Only obvious thing right now is a bombing campaign the rest is vague and confusing . I am afraid you just do not have that luxury to change your strategy numerous time during two weeks. You started form demand to disarm HEZ now it is 1 mile secure zone? What use for this 1 mile zone? If all this bombing was started to create 1 mile zone it is hard to understand what is your strategy. When your government declaring that they decide to curb further military expansion it sounds like a capitulation ( I now it is not but it how it sound).
I am talking as a friend but very concern friend. I would really appreciate to know what you think about my thoughts

4:06 PM, July 28, 2006  
Blogger Yaakova said...

Please help me get the word out that 12 more temporary residences for refugees from the north were just posted on my blog, at
I'll post this on a few other blogs as well.
Thank you!

9:18 PM, July 28, 2006  
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