Tuesday, August 01, 2006

We Are Family....

1:05 pm Israel time:

Lebanon: Heavy fighting in Lebanon between ground troops and Hizballah. IAF hits Baalbeck area (near Syrian border.

Personal Update: Just finished reading an article in the Jerusalem Post about the Jews from Muslim states who have signed up on the internet site coordinating prayers for IDF soldiers. Don't forget, today at 7:00 pm Israel time.

Personal Update: An "only in Israel story" - not connected to the war. On the 11:00 IDF radio show with Uri Orbach and Irit Linor, they announced "For the religious people who do not listen to music during the nine days, the following song will last 2 minutes and 40 seconds". Isn't that great?

Personal Update: Can you imagine a New York Times editorial with the headline, "Go Marines!" I can't, but this morning I read the editorial from Haaretz with the title "Keep Fighting Until the War Ends". Interesting times, no?

11:05 am Israel time:

Home Front: Mortar shells fired into upper Galilee, no injuries reported. Five Katyushas fired into western Galilee.

Lebanon: One IDF soldier slightly wounded in fighting in south Lebanon, 20 Hizballah terrorists killed.

9:05 am Israel time:

Home Front: Katyusha rockets fired at western Galilee. Kassam rockets fired toward western Negev, no injuries reported.

Lebanon: IAF hits launching sites in Lebanon overnight. Ground troops fighting in al-Taibeh in south Lebanon.

Southern Front: IDF fighting in Dahaniyeh in south Gaza.

The government has approved a wider offensive against Hizballah - including air strikes when needed. I heard the distant rumble of jets flying overhead again last night and early this morning, and found it a bit puzzling. When I heard the news I then understood.

It is obvious that Israel is afraid that a ceasefire is going to be forced upon us - and that Hizballah is going to be given another chance to re-arm and hit us again in the future.

Personally, I don't know what I am more afraid of - the fact that the terrorists may have run away already (no Katyushas at all yesterday - just a few mortar shells) and won't get what they deserve - or the fact that we are going into a major offensive on the seventh, eighth, and ninth of the month of Av. (The nine days of the Hebrew month of Av are days of tragedy for Jews throughout the centuries).

In any case, this is the time to increase our prayers and good deeds, and watch our tongues - fighting amongst ourselves could have deadly consequences - literally. Maybe that is why G-d chose this time for this specific war.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i got some questions:

Why the MSM keeps counting the number and type of missiles Hezbollah launches into Israel, but no one seems to count the number and type of bombs and missiles Israel launches into Lebanon, what's the difference?

why we still have not seen any picture or video of hezbollah rocket batteries destroyed amongst the rubble of the buildings Israel destroyed?

Did anyone seen a Hezbollah rocket launcher at the Beirut Airport? or the Power plant?

it's the prhase "the right to defend itself" copyrighted by Israel?

why everyone has to comply (or else) with IAEA and UN resolutions and inspections, but Israel?

with what type of moral authority the US can ask countries (like Syria nad Iran) to stop sending armament to Hezbollah (allegedly) when the US is sending armament to Israel (allegedly)?

why nobody wants to address the root of the problem: the inhumane conditios in the Ghettos in Gaza and West Bank, and the right to Palestine to exist, and be respected as human beings?

How the people trying to leave the South of Lebanon, or the country can do so if almost every bridge and road is bombed and destroyed? i think the flying magic carpet is just a stereotype...

8:11 AM, August 01, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is clear Johnny Bravo lacks a proper understanding of the difference between a sovereign Nation [Israel], which has been attacked inside its internationally recognized borders and an organization [Hezbollah] operating as a terrorist unit inside a democratic Nation [Lebanon].

But, yes, Mr. Bravo, Israel does have a right to defend herself and her citizens, especially those in the north, from Hezbollah terrorists.

I notice you conveniently overlooked the fact that the Katusha rockets didn't just start sailing into the north of Israel with the kidnapping of the two soldiers and the murder of 8 others [on sovereign Israeli soil] - those rockets have been lobbed into northern Israel for at least a year prior to that, if not even longer than that.

Enough already. If you're going to dump and run and you want to be taken seriously, at least make some attempt, however feeble, to include the rest of the facts.

5:48 AM, August 02, 2006  
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