Monday, August 07, 2006

Will Lebanon Be Dark For A Few Years?

1:05 pm Israel time:

Home Front: Rockets fell in Kiryat Shmona including a direct hit to a house. Other rockets fell in Tzfat, Rosh Pina and Tiberias. A few people are injured slightly.

Lebanon: IDF reports that one soldier was killed this morning in fighting in Bent Jebail.

11:05 am Israeli time:

Home Front: Rocket hits house in Shlomi and in Nahariya. Sirens heard in Kiryat Shmona and Tiberias.

Lebanon: Heavy fighting in south Lebanon. 3 IDF soldiers wounded in the village of Houla. 14 Hizballah terrorists killed. IAF continues to strike Lebanon in Beirut, Baalbek, and other villages. Truck with ammunition struck near Bent Jebail, where fighting continues.

Yesterday was a difficult one for the home front in Israel. 12 reserve soldiers were killed in Kfar Giladi in the north from a direct hit by a Katyusha rocket. Haifa received a barrage of 22 rockets last night which killed three people, injured 200, and caused extensive damage.

In response, the IDF has plans (pending government approval) to hit Lebanese infrastructure for the first time in the war. Until now they have bombarded the runways at the airport, but have left other structures alone. One defense official was quoted in Haaretz as saying "It could be that at the end of the story, Lebanon will be dark for a few years."

Meanwhile ground troops are continuing to fight in south Lebanon, and the IAF continues its strikes.

In the southern front, IAF is continuing its strikes on terrorist infrastructure in Gaza. In Judea and Samaria the IDF arrested Hamas terrorist Fadel Salah in Ramallah, and they killed a wanted fugitive near Jenin.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally, I think it would be much better to to put into effect the Litani push than to start hitting infratructure again, one will actually curtail the rockets & both will bring the same codemnation!

9:28 PM, August 07, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


4:59 PM, April 09, 2009  
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