Monday, August 07, 2006

To All the Feminists Who Want to Hear the "Kol HaNashi" - Go to Lebanon

Lebanon Prime Minister Siniora (appropriate name, huh?) breaks down in tears during his speech to Arab leaders, complaining about how his country is being wrecked. (Clue the violins)

As my grandfather (may he rest in peace) used to say, my heart bleeds borscht. Stop your wailing and kick the terrorists out of your country. If you can't do that, then shut up. You have noone to blame but yourself. (I am also extremely skeptical about this performance. Arab leaders do not cry in public. I have a feeling this was meant for the western press - all of the moonbats will lap this up.)

On the home front, the fighting continues steadily in south Lebanon, and the soldiers are moving steadily northward. The IDF reports that they have found numbers of rocket launchers set up in private houses aimed out of the windows, alongside huge stashes of rockets. Defense Minister Peretz has said today that the IDF will fight anywhere we have to in Lebanon, including places north of the Litani river, in order to stop the rocket fire.

The Galilee was hit today with about 90 rockets so far, 60 of them just in Kiryat Shmona. Thank G-d only four people were injured slightly.


Blogger bec said...

ahh, siniora, little girly-man, crying because he didn't follow resolution 1559 and now hezbollah has caused his country to become flattened. it must be so hard for him, being a terrorist supporter and all. (insert eye-roll here.)

11:02 PM, August 07, 2006  
Blogger JJ said...

Yeah, I also "eye-rolled" at those crocodile tears. Give me a break! It's like the guy who kills his parents and then asks the court for mercy because he's an orphan. Sheesh!

I'm sure most of the world saw that footage and could only think about how horrible the Israelis are for making that poor man cry!

9:43 AM, August 08, 2006  
Blogger tafka PP said...

Didn't know you were a Cure fan, WBM..!

2:46 PM, August 08, 2006  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

Why the cheap shot? (And so soon after Tisha B'Av.) We may disagree on many issues, but I hardly think that we feminists are any less committed to the survival of the State of Israel than you traditionalists are.

I'm keeping Eretz Yisrael and Tzahal in my prayers.

4:27 PM, August 09, 2006  
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