Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Elections on the Other Side of the Pond

Carl at Israelmatzav has a great roundup of how the mid-term elections in America are affecting (or being affected by) the Jewish community.

I've been keeping up a bit by reading Pajamas Media. I think the balance of power in Congress definitely affects Israel, and if you care about Israel it should affect how you vote for your congressman.

I am also a bit nostalgic - because I never would have discovered blogs if it weren't for the controversy over the "smoking memo" story. I would read the news on the internet, but never touched the blogs (westbankpappa did and I was always puzzled by it. What could possibly be so interesting about other people's diaries?) Then my husband told me about a blog called Littlegreenfootballs. I remember saying to him, what kind of a crazy name is that? I opened it, read all about the controversial memo, and was pleasantly shocked to see how pro-Israel Charles Johnson was. Wow, I thought, this non-Jew really gets it. I then started finding right-wing conservative blogs. It took me awhile to discover the Jewish blogoshere, but now I am hooked on both.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, baruch Hashem for WBP finding LGF, because if he hadn't, chances are I wouldn't be hooked on your blog today.

Strangely, I far more prefer reading other smaller, slightly more obscure weblogs than the very large ones where they receive a million hits a day, only because I think it's fun and part of the whole appeal of blogging when there is some modicum of communication via the comments section between the administrator and other bloggers/commenters.

3:02 PM, October 19, 2006  
Blogger westbankmama said...

erica - I agree with you about liking smaller blogs. When I read LGF it is somewhat like reading the news (although I do comment on the "dead thread" and have some virtual friends there), but when I read smaller blogs it is more intimate.

10:58 AM, October 20, 2006  
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